The homepage has great general information on how to get into college and getting money for college.

NC Colleges in the menu and there you will see a list of colleges (four year and community colleges) in the app. You can filter schools based on certain criteria you are interested in such as student body size, cost per year, majors, degrees, programs, etc. You can also see a map view of the colleges, so you can see where they are in North Carolina.

Each college has a virtual tour you can watch to get a feel of what campus life is like. Also on the page you will see links to their website, social media, application, financial aid, list of majors or programs and an email and/or chatbot (indicated with a message icon on the bottom right of the screen), so you can contact someone at the college to answer any more questions you may have.

The disability access page has YouTube versions of the 360-degree videos with the closed captions turned on. 

Find out more about GEAR UP and the app on the About Us page.